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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Check Your Schedule

If its not scheduled, Don't do it!!!

This is a very radical rule, I must say. But this will certainly keep one on track of his time.

According to my source, " When something new comes up, whether its a request from someone or a new project or idea, before you say 'Yes' to yourself or others, look at your schedule and ask yourself, 'Can I take this on right now?'

Upon reading this, do you see yourself as someone who does this or not? If you do this, what do you think are the benefits this idea can bring you? If you are not doing this, can you see this as one of the many reason which causes you delays, or may possibly cause you delay?

One reason, why I am writing this is give a chance to reflect on oneself. If you are someone who has no issue in tracking time, keeping schedule and being efficient and productive, then this post may not be for you.

There is just one request I hope you can do for me. If you knew someone whom you can help by sending a link of this blog, please feel free.

This blog will be happy many will see it.

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