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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What is your look for today?

I would like to start trend spotting this week. Checking out websites now that would give me an idea about what the latest trend in fashion is. Well the recently concluded Oscar Awards would come in mind. Highlighting celebrity fashion at their best. I guess right now, I would just have to leave you guys to survey who is the best dressed in the Oscars. I just think this one is too overrated as a subject.

Deciding for the perfect look or maybe just creating a look for today would have to be a challenge don't you think? Well we don't have to go to an awards night everyday but having a sense of style would also mean having a sense of self most of the time, would you agree?

There is a website that I stumble upon but this one does not give me access to create fashion for men. I'm talking about Looklet.com. This is actually a very nice site showcasing designer items that you can put on your models. I wish I can transform this site and make it my own and having my items be put on the models. Well a lot of online games actually have them, you know dressing up your models kind of stuff and it is cool.

What is your look for today? Have you decided already? Just be yourself and have a blast.

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